Introducing the MT250

UV-C radiation is a proven disinfectant

UV-C is a natural component of sunlight which is naturally filtered out by Ozone in the atmosphere. When delivered in concentrated form in our units it kills 99.99% of Covid-19 pathogens in the air. By sanitising the air in larger public spaces, the unit keeps everyone in those spaces safer from airborne virus transmission.

Click here to read the MT250 Case Study from the Institution of Mechanical Engineers

Midtherm Ceiling Trans
Close Up
  • Featuring Signify UV-C bulbs with an average lifetime of 9,000 hours
  • Sanitisation technology that leaves the air in your buildings 99.99% free from Covid-19
  • Our MT250 has been tested by a leading NHS hospital and found to be safe to be used in amongst people. No UV-C light is allowed to escape from the unit. UV-C germicidal lamps remove coronavirus, flu viruses, common colds and other bacteria, mould and viruses from the air that your customers and employees move through and breathe
  • High tech but low maintenance units featuring plug and play ‘do it yourself’ installation