Introducing the MT250, UV-C air purifier

UV-C radiation is a proven disinfectant

Perfect for rooms up to 50m3, giving five equivalent air changes per hour (ACHe), the MT250 can be wall or ceiling-mounted.

Weighing just 16kg, with protective casings available in white, black, or brushed stainless steel, it features two large Philips UV-C lamps but costs just 6p an hour to run.

Hi-tech but low maintenance, the unit is simple to install – just plug in and play – and ensures the air is disinfected for common pathogens including COVID, flu viruses, the common cold, other viruses and bacteria including Norovirus, TB, measles, E Coli, MRSA and legionella as well as moulds, spores, yeasts, and many allergens.

With no need for additional ventilation, the units are also resulting in huge savings at a time of spiraling energy costs.

  • Featuring Signify UV-C bulbs with an average lifetime of 9,000 hours
  • Sanitisation technology that leaves the air in your buildings 99.99% free from Covid-19
  • Our MT250 has been tested by a leading NHS hospital and found to be safe to be used in amongst people. No UV-C light is allowed to escape from the unit. UV-C germicidal lamps remove coronavirus, flu viruses, common colds and other bacteria, mould and viruses from the air that your customers and employees move through and breathe
  • High tech but low maintenance units featuring plug and play ‘do it yourself’ installation

Special features

  • Variable flow control
  • Annual service pack offered
  • Available with wheeling stand

Model Specification

Weight: 20kg

Lamps: 2 x 75W Philips Signify

Dimensions: 1260mm x 315mm x 200mm (L,W,D)

Min Speed Setting
Airflow capacity: 125m3/h
Noise level: 42dB
Power consumption: 0.180 kW
Single pass deactivation rate*: 99.999999%

Normal Speed Setting
Airflow capacity: 200m3/h
Noise level: 48dB
Power consumption: 0.200 kW
Single pass deactivation rate*: 99.999%

Max Speed Setting
Airflow capacity: 250m3/h
Noise level: 54dB
Power consumption: 0.220 kW
Single pass deactivation rate*: 99.99%

* Confirmed through efficacy testing conducted by an NHS Lab.

Designed to be fully compliant with the new Draft NHS UVC Standard due for release imminently.

Midtherm UV's wall-mounted and ceiling-mounted UV-C air purifier

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