UV-C air purifiers for a safer working environment

The ideal solution for hospitals, schools, offices, care homes, dentists, or anywhere people gather indoors.

UV-C Air Purifiers by Midtherm UV

Tested and used by the NHS

Kills a wide range of bacteria and viruses

UV-C vs HEPA Filters

Our air purifiers don't collect pathogens... they deactivate them!

Traditional HEPA filters aren’t designed to be as effective, in the long-term, as our UV-C units. Unlike other types of filter, our units don’t reduce the air flow, or trap germs within the filters themselves. Instead they do one thing and they do that one thing extremely well – they are designed to deactivate airborne pathogens like COVID-19 in a single pass, rendering them harmless.

Product Range

All our products are manufactured in the UK.

Midtherm UV's wall-mounted and ceiling-mounted UV-C air purifier


The MT250 can be wall or ceiling-mounted, making it the perfect air cleaning solution for corridors.

Midtherm UV's freestanding UV-C air purifier


Our freestanding unit, which comes in three models. Also contains a self-sanitising dust prefilter.

Midtherm UV's in-duct unit that can be installed in existing HVAC systems.

HVAC duct units

Our versatile, bespoke built, duct units enable the addition of sanitising UV-C to almost any ventilation system, helping to meet HTM 03-01 requirements.

What the experts say about Midtherm UV

Dr Daniel O’Toole,

National University of Ireland, School of Medicine

"The Midtherm MT250 air purifier destroys 99 per cent of common airborne pathogens very effectively in a single pass. This holds true for a wide range of pathogens that cause diseases within the environment, such as TB, measles, Norovirus, diphtheria, influenza, SARS-Cov, MRSA and Legionella."

Frank Mills

Consultant engineer and founder member of the Pandemic Infections Control Solutions Group

 “The technology has been in existence for years, but MidthermUV is the only company which is listening, looking at, and applying its research to specific needs. This device reduces the viral load and deactivates it which is important to the NHS. It is particularly important in respiratory wards and dentistry. In 2020 the World Health Organisation identified that COVID was an airborne virus transmitted 90 per cent of the time through the air. The MT units recirculates the air rather than having to open the windows which is important given the rising energy prices and the air becomes self-cleaning, which is also energy saving, which will allow us to return to normal.”

Dr Alice Bunn

Chief Executive and Fellow of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers

“Our mission is to improve the world through engineering and this is a fantastic example of how engineering skills can make a difference to all our lives. Ensuring the air indoors is as pathogen-free as possible will be major step forward in reducing COVID-19 transmission in hospitals, as well as places like schools, colleges and other public buildings.”

Prof Fred Mendonça

ESI Group, Principal Investigator in the UKRI vent ESI project

“We can positively reflect the growing resilience of UK manufacturing and professionals in healthcare and education. Increasing awareness of airflow and clean air circulation builds intuition, creates good practices and informs decision making.”

Gemma Peebles

Principal and CEO of Harrison College, Doncaster

“It was an absolute privilege to be chosen for trials which could completely transform the way we live in the future. The results were spectacular and it gives us such a feeling of security knowing that we must be the safest college in the county for air quality. Anything we can do to maintain in-school learning has huge benefits for our students.”


Introducing our wall-mounted air cleaning solution

Perfect for corridors

In laboratory conditions, It has been demonstrated to effectively kill many species of viruses, including the many variations of coronavirus. We use UV-C lamps with a specific wavelength of 253.7nm which are most effective.

By attacking bacteria and viruses so that they can no longer reproduce, our UV-C air purifiers offer peace of mind for you, your business and the people you care about. For a quick simple and affordable solution, look no further than Midtherm UV.

The ideal air cleaning solution

Our air purifiers comes with the choice of wall or ceiling mounting. With finishes ranging from standard to powder-coated colour and polished stainless steel, the MT250 is designed to blend into any location, which is quiet, even at full-speed, operating at <55dB, helping to make it completely unobtrusive.