Introducing the MT500, MT750 & MT750+

MidthermUV is helping the world tackle airborne pathogens


Offering greater capacity of 500m3/hour is the MT500, a freestanding unit that is deadly on bacteria and virus, deactivating on a single pass over 99% of pathogens, even at its highest flow rate.

Finished in brushed stainless with gloss white or matt black powder-coated, it features a patented self-sanitising pre-filter, so no need for clinical waste disposal. Plus, a lamp fault indicator, variable flow control, annual service pack offer and is available with front swivel castors for increased mobility.

It is quiet, economical and efficient, energy, costing just 6p/hour.

Efficacy and light safety testing has been conducted by an NHS laboratory.

MT750 and MT750+

For more power still, the MT750 comes with the ability to sanitise 750cu.m/hr, with three 75W Philips Signify lamps.

The 40kg unit is easy to install and maintain, cheap to run at 10p/hour, and tough on pathogens.

The MT750+ adds another Philips lamp to the reactor and is designed for single pass bacterial deactivation of tougher pathogens , such as spores, moulds and fungi.

Midtherm UV's freestanding UV-C air purifier

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